The Benefits of Dealing with a BIBA Broker

Rowlands & Hames is a member of BIBA, the British Insurance Brokers Association. This organisation is the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary, representing the interests of insurance brokers and their clients.

BIBA brokers handle around half the value of all UK commercial and industrial, home, contents, motor, and travel insurance policies.

Brokers are the agent of the client; they represent the client’s interests. As members, we provide advice, guidance and choice on a range of risk management services and insurance services.

As a British Insurance Brokers Association member, we can assist with identifying, measurement, management and control of risk. Where appropriate, this will include the transfer of financial risk from the client to the insurance company, resulting in peace of mind and insurance protection for the client.

We can also create innovation; they can arrange protection for individuals and companies; they help access appropriate protection and can give advice on managing risks and enable a resilient society in the 21st Century.

For further information on the benefits of using an approved broker, please call us on 01253 594211 or email our insurance broker department.

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