Can our Financial Planning Team help you?

We may already manage some aspects of your financial planning arrangements – but what else can our financial planning team help you with?

For individuals

Pension Investments: Thinking of reducing your current regular management charges? Take advantage of new flexible arrangements to help you get the best out of your Pension Investments.

ISA Investments: Did you know that all the money you earn on an ISA equity investment is completely free from tax?

Life assurance / critical illness: Have you enough family protection in place or are you paying too much for existing policies? We can arrange for life assurance funds to be free from tax via a simple trust arrangement. How will your family manage after your passing or in the event of a critical illness? Premiums have never been so affordable.

Mortgage loan protection: When was the last time you compared how much you’re paying for your mortgage loan’s life assurance each month? It’s certainly worth us looking for an alternative quotation for the remaining period of your mortgage loan.

Income Protection – whether just to pay for your mortgage payments or as total or partial income replacement should you become too sick to work, this policy will provide replacement income until a fixed date – normally indexed each year until your expected retirement date. (Note – this does not cater for redundancy, it’s for when you become too ill to work)

Medical insurance: Due to the current climate, we wholeheartedly understand that the NHS is overwhelmed. Here, we offer medical insurance and considering that right now it’s hard to rely on the NHS given the pressure, it’s worth seriously considering.


For business organisations

Share Protection Insurance: If you’re a shareholder, this will allow you to buy your co-shareholder’s shareholding in the event of their death (and/or critical illness).

Key Person Insurance: Would your company suffer in value or reduced income if a key member of the team died? Would the costs of replacing the key team member be significant? Key Person Insurance protects your business in such circumstances. Policies tend to be for a set number of years, generally five to ten, so premiums are relatively inexpensive.

Company Loans: This also includes Bounce Back Loans (BBLS) and Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). Have you insured the debts against one or more key directors dying?

Group Medical Insurance: This protects your employees, allowing to get treated and back to work quicker and of course be a very positive added benefit – a vital one we say.

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