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Construction Insurance, Contractors & Tradesman Insurance

Construction Insurance, Contractors & Tradesman Insurance

Whether a self employed tradesman working from home to a major design and construct construction firm, we can assist with range of construction insurance policies from numerous insurers and schemes. We can design a bespoke programme from the basic employers’ and public/products liability to the more specialist insurances required by the larger firms.

We can also cater for the construction firm’s assets and revenue risks, contract works, latent defects risks, performance bonds, credit insurance, fleet insurances, employment and management exposures, not forgetting personal accident, engineering and of course design and construct professional indemnity.

Speak to one of our Account Directors to discuss your particular requirements.

Property, Theft & Assets

Insurance for assets relates to buildings, stock, machinery and contents, through to money and cash, goods in transit, computers and machinery damage and the like.

Speak to our Commercial team or one of our Corporate Account Managers to discuss your particular requirements.

Business Interruption

Following an insured accident, should a business suffer the loss of revenue/profit or rent, this is covered through business interruption insurance.

More specifically this would be the income that would have been earned had it not been for the insured accident.

Further information about the coverage and extensions of this cover, can be found via our dedicate page on Business Interruption.

Employers’ Public & Products Liability

Injuries to employees following the negligence of the employer are insured via Employers’ Liability.

Negligence leading to injuries to third parties or damage to third party property is catered for by Public Liability insurance.

Injuries to third parties as a result of negligent manufacture or design of products supplied is insured via Products Liability insurance.

Speak to one of our Corporate Account Managers to discuss your particular requirements.

Contractors All Risks – UK & Abroad

Until such a time as the customer takes responsibility, contractors’ works on site plus associated materials and stocks usually remains their property.

This can expose contractors to major financial risks following fires, floods, theft and malicious damage for example.

Contractors should ensure that all works, stocks, materials, plant and equipment, plus hired-in plant on site and continuing hire charges are insured.

Speak to one of our Corporate Account Managers to discuss your requirements.

Self Employed Tradesmen

Catering for general insurance requirements, bespoke packages are provided by a range of insurers for those who are self employed or tradesmen.

Though originally created for those self-employed with one or two members of staff, policies have developed to accommodate all forms of small contracting firms – often up to 8 staff (including owners).

For more information about the insurances included within such a policy, please visit our section on small business specialist packages and Self Employed Tradesmen.

Latent / Structural Defects

Providing a long-term warranty against a building’s defect in design, workmanship or materials, is Latent Defects Insurance – which is often referred to as Structural or Inherent Defects. Allowing property owners to reduce their risk exposure, this is an effective alternative to collateral warranties.

With commercial properties, developers often sought protection through Collateral Warranties; however are reliant upon the continuous trading of the signatories and renewal of their Professional Indemnity policy. Rather than being retained by the parties involved, structural warranties are designed to transfer the risk of future defects to an insurer.

Details regarding the history of latent defects, the arrangement of cover, the benefits and example claims can be found on our specialist products page for Latent/Structural Defects.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Within the construction industry there is often more than one company vehicle and therefore many insurers offer fleet insurance – with Rowlands & Hames managing a significant number. These range from ‘mini fleets’ of 2 to 10 vehicles, ‘full fleets’ with 10 or more vehicles; or into the hundreds.

Virtually any vehicle can be covered, with cars, vans and trucks and in any combination. Further there is the option to choose between Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party only; dependent on your needs.

Further information about motor fleet insurance is available, including competitive pricing and claims, via our page on Fleet Insurance.

Employment Practice

Employees are becoming more aware of their rights in the workplace and are moving forward in taking action against their employers. Possibilities for such action taken against businesses, is multiplying, resulting from the increase in UK employment legislation.

Employment Practice Liability therefore exists to cover legal costs, expenses and compensation, for a wide range of employment practice violations.

Please find further information about EPL insurance on our dedicated page.

Management Liability

With a multitude of duties and obligations upon Directors and Officers, they face scrutiny over their actions by fellow directors, employees and shareholders – becoming personally and financially responsible by putting their personal assets at risk.

Cover for these assets can be arranged via Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, offering protection to past, present and future directors, officers and senior management against claims that arise from either wrongful acts or decisions in their capacity as the leaders and decision makers of the company.

Quotations can be sought via Rowlands & Hames, with further information available about the types of covers available and example claims can be found also, on our dedicated Management Liability page.
Environmental Pollution and Clean-Up Liability Insurance with Risk Management Consultancy

Broader protection for our clients has been achieved, with Rowlands & Hames working with leading environmental liability underwriters to provide a range of environmental insurance products.

With recent ELD European Legislation (EU Environmental Liability Directive 2007), more organisations are considering cover, including property developers, in an area historically linked to contaminated land, heavy industries and large scale disasters.

Rowlands and Hames take an environmental consultancy approach in order for insurers to better understand risks involved, resulting in more favourable terms and conditions.

Contained on our dedicated page for Environmental Pollution Liability, is further information on the cover, along with claim examples and frequently asked questions.

Engineering Insurance & Inspection

Despite other covers being available for the cover of property/material damage (separate arrangement), damage caused by the specialist nature of a plant and its machinery must be covered under specialist Engineering Insurance – for instance any contracted works and interruption following the results of damage.

For more information about statutory inspections and additional services, please visit our dedicated page for Engineering Insurance.

Personal Accident

Within the construction industry Personal Accident insurance can be priceless, should a employee or director suffer an accident whilst in or out of work – this could also, be as result of negligent act by an employer (Employers’ Liability covers aspects of this).

In combining this with Employers’ Liability, Personal Accident cover could offset Employers’ Liability claims and avoid further pay outs.

To discuss your particular requirements, please contact us and speak with one of our Corporate Account Managers.

Trade Credit Insurance – Domestic & Export

Credit insurance provides protection should a customer fail to pay trade credit debts – whether this arises out of the customer becoming insolvent or being unsuccessful in paying within the agreed credit period.

As well as cover for standard goods sold and delivered, importantly this can be further tailored to cover pre-despatch work-in-progress and binding contracts that will feature heavily within the construction industry.

Though various reasons could have resulted in non-payment, such issues can lead to negative effects; for example if this results in concerns over cash flow and purchase of essential materials, it could delay a construction project.

There are several types of credit insurance available, including the option to choose Specific Risk Cover that will allows businesses to have insurance against single customers or large contracts.

In addition to case studies and quotation forms, further information relating to those who should consider trade credit insurance and its potential benefits, is contained on our dedicated page for Trade Credit, or alternatively please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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