Covid-19 Newsletter 4

‘Return to Work’ Risk Management Guidance & Advice

Latest update: 29th June 2020

This 4th R&H Covid-19 newsletter contains various external links to official Government Covid-19 Guidance and to various insurers’ advice notes, both general and specific to business sectors and activities. Where new advice is released for additional sectors by Government or insurers we will add to this page, so do please visit this page regularly.

We recommend firms ensure the entire management team and all employees receive bespoke instructions/guidance based on your own firm’s plans adopting the guidance and advice – always in writing, and seeking a confirmatory signature confirming receipt, understanding, and agreement to abide by the guidance and importantly that they understand failure to follow the Guidance may result in disciplinary action.

Please be advised that the following links all lead to external websites – Rowlands & Hames is not responsible for the content of any external website.

General Guidance – From Government

General Risk Management Advice – From Various Insurers

General Guidance – Employee Mental Health

Guidance / Advice by Sector



Pubs / Bars / Restaurant / Take-away & Delivery (whether original take-aways or restaurants/pubs now offering take-away facilities)

Construction (and other outdoor work)


Any Business working in other peoples’ private homes

Factories, Manufacturing, Plants & Warehouses / Supply Chain / Distribution

Vehicle / Motor Trade risks

Labs & Research Facilities

Property Owners

Fleet Operators


Hairdressers, Beauty, Tattooists, Massage Therapists, tailors and fashion/dress fitters

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Covid-19 Newsletter 4