Enabling Exporting – A Guide by QBE

“The biggest risk is missing the opportunity. People focus too much on the potential harm that they come to when trying to export. The risk can be managed by good planning. The real risk is missing out on the good demand that is out there.” – UK Export Finance

The UK is already a major global exporter and importer but, according to the latest HMRC statistics, exports have remained flat for the last two years, whilst imports have grown steadily. It seems the appetite of UK businesses to export has shrunk, even while demand from the global economy has grown.

QBE Insurance have compiled the following report on the belief that many of our business clients, small, medium and large; would like to tap into customer bases overseas, but are deterred by the risks and many financial challenges – real and perceived – involved in setting up and selling outside the UK.

To read the guide Enabling Exporting Guide.

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Enabling Exports