Are you exposed to environmental risk?

Today businesses face a lot more pressure than ever to ensure that their work does not adversely impact the environment.

Legal requirements are increasing, and public scrutiny around environmental incidents is growing.

For these reasons environmental cover is vital for all companies, no matter your size or industry – hotels, contractors, solicitors, everyone has the potential to be exposed to an Environmental Liability incident.

Environmental liabilities arising from day-to-day operations are typically not covered by traditional general liability and property insurance programmes. The financial impact to many companies could be devastating, so ensuring you have the appropriate cover is essential to any good risk management programme.

Other examples where you may be exposed are if you:

• Own, operate or buy and sell property
• Operate on 3rd party premises
• Use, store, transport or produce a substance that may cause contamination
• Generate waste or emissions
• Redevelop brownfield land

Chubb Insurance, a leader in this field, have produced the following video to highlight the need for Environmental Liabilty cover:

For more information, please do not hesitate to visit our dedicated Environmental Liability page.

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