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Hospitality & Leisure

Hospitality & Leisure

The UK’s hospitality and leisure sector is vast and covers a huge range of activities, from a small guest house to a large hotel chain, pubs/clubs and restraurants, sporting venues, museums, theme parks, night clubs, childrens’ and adult activity centres, spas, resorts, theatres and concert halls and everything in between.

Each sub-sector has specific needs but in general the common theme is the presence of the general public, in numbers, on site at any one time, undertaking activities and the hospitality required.

Typically a programme would involve


Buildings and Contents, Stock, occasional guests effects

Business Interruption

Loss of Revenuue and Profits and dependence upon a geographical area or ability to access sites


Cash is still often used in the hospitality and leisure sectors

Employers Liability

Injury to your team – usually manual workers, and often can lead to slips & trips and injuries relating to activities.

Public & Products Liabilities

Reflects the number of visitors on site, the activities undertaken plus any food/drink risks involved in hospitality.

Management Liability

Just like with any other business, the directors/shareholders are exposed to commercial management risks.


The sectors’ reliance on social media and client e-databases means firms in this sector are at huge risk from not only loss of GDPR controlled data but from criminal hacking and extortion/ransomware events, where data can be withheld without with the firm cannot trade.


Many firms rely on vehicles whether it be transport for employees or coaches/mini-buses for clientele. Hotels for example will need ‘car jockey’ coverage to allow their staff to move/park customers’ vehicles.

Each business is unique and as such Rowlands & Hames treats all such clients and enquiries on an individual and bespoke basis.

Different insurers have variable appetite depending on the sub-sector and location but Rowlands & Hames has wide access to a large number of direct insurers and schemes.

Defence costs against allegations of wrongdoing against individual directors’ & officers’ (and other senior staff) known as ‘D&O’, against the legal entity itself known as Corporate Liability; and defence costs and compensation payments in relation to employment disputes known as Employment Practices Liability.

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Protection against losses following cyber-attacks (ransomware, hacking attacks, reinstatement of systems and data), defence costs & fines (in some circumstances) in relation to GDPR & Privacy issues; loss of gross profit, PR costs and the like.


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