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Business Cars

A Business Car policy, covering an individual car or several cars, caters for the necessary private car insurance requirements where companies provide ‘company cars’ or other pool cars and the owner/registered keepers are not individuals but companies.

Business use is automatically included.

Once you have three of more business cars you should also consider a small fleet arrangement.

Covers are generally Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, or just Third Party only.

Driving is generally limited to named individuals although some insurers will also allow blanket driving such as persons of 25 and above etc.

Each vehicle/policy usually builds up a no claims bonus.

Taxi Fleets

This is simply a fleet policy which caters specifically for taxis, whether public or private hire.

The appropriate carriage of third party persons for hire or reward use is automatically included.

Covers are generally Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, or just Third Party only.

Driving is generally limited to named individuals although some insurers will also allow blanket driving such as persons of 25 and above etc.

Care should also be taken in relation to repairs i.e. the speed with which repairs are undertake so as to minimise time off the road and to the availability of alternative temporary vehicles acceptable to any licensing authority.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Rowlands & Hames manages a significant number of motor fleet insurance policies from small ‘mini-fleets’ with between 2 and 10 vehicles to ‘full fleets’ with 10 or more vehicles, often into the hundreds of vehicles.

We have relationships with all the major fleet insurers, plus access to all Lloyd’s of London underwriters and syndicates.

With one renewal date, a single motor fleet Insurance policy covering all vehicles owned by a business or organisation makes both administrative and economic sense.

Insurers generally provide motor fleet insurance cover for virtually any vehicle in your possession, and any vehicle combination. Cars and vans plus trucks. No problem! You can choose between Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only cover vehicle by vehicle, to suit your individual business needs.

Driving under a motor fleet insurance policy is usually on an ‘any driver with the policyholder’s permission’ basis. Stops you from having to restrict a younger driver to just one vehicle in order to save premiums.

Competitive pricing

If you are seeking a competitive commercial fleet premium for a private car fleet or commercial vehicle fleet, or a combination of both, Rowlands & Hames’ experienced team will review your fleet insurance history and approach multiple insurers with supporting background history, claims experiences and up to date risk management information.

We can arrange for you to move from a ‘no claims bonus’ rated multiple vehicle policy to a fleet insurance – a fleet insurance can be much easier to manage and is generally more competitive.The ability to add/delete vehicles at any time and include temporary additional vehicles are major advantages, plus of course the ‘any driver’ basis.

All types of vehicle or a combination of each can be accommodated.


With motor fleet insurance, we proactively manage any client’s motor fleet claims, our priority always being to return your vehicles to the road as soon as possible and to assist in the defence of any third party claims.

Through our relationship with Auto Legal Protection, a reputable accident management firm, our clients with Motor Fleet Insurance benefit from 7 day per week / 24hour claims reporting, emergency hire car availability and personal injury solicitors.

Motor Fleet Insurance Premiums remain very competitive at the moment with only one or two insurers seeking general increases for existing business – insurers can be very competitive when it comes to Motor Fleet Insurance new business enquiries.

Your questions answered

What fleet cover can I purchase?

Comprehensive is generally covered but any combination of comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party only can be arranged.

What vehicles can we include onto the fleet policy?

All forms of vehicles and any combination thereof can generally be accommodated – cars, vans, heavy goods vehicles, public service vehicles, vehicles used for hire and reward, agricultural vehicles, taxis, special type vehicles (eg fork lift trucks) and road registered plant.

What fleet use can be accommodated?

Business use as well as social domestic and pleasure. When required, hire or reward, private hire, public hire can be added.

Who can drive under a fleet?

Generally any person with the permission of the policyholder (i.e. principle, partner or director) from 17 years of age up. However discounts are available if driving can be restricted to say above 21, 25 or even 30 years.

For quotations contact:

For motor fleets between 2 and 50 vehicles –

Gary B Baxter Dip CII

Corporate Account Manager
Direct Dial: 01253 598957
Mobile: 07904 546274

Tony Swallow

Commercial Director
Direct Dial: 01253 598954
Mobile: 07974 692990

Paul A R Willis Bsc (Hons), Cert CII

Corporate Account Manager
Direct Dial: 01253 598969
Mobile: 07789 551600

For motor fleets of 50 vehicles and above –

John A Isles ACII

Managing Director / Head of General Insurance
Chartered Insurance Broker
Direct Dial: 01253 598953
Mobile: 07974 667825
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June Brookes

Corporate Broking Manager
Direct Dial: 01253 598956
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Fleet & Vehicles

Whether it be a single company car or van, a couple of company vehicles or a very small fleet, to major company fleets are involved, we have access to the full range of general and specialist vehicle insurers including those fleet insurers only found in Lloyd’s of London.

We can guide you through the process , arrange the policy to suit your administrative needs, and handle all the Motor Insurance Database demands if required.

We will seek quotes from a range of insurers and provide you with feedback from them all, allowing you peace of mind.

Speak to our commercial team where you wish to insure one or two vehicles or to one of our Corporate Account Managers for three vehicles and more.