Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Travel Insurance

Whilst we aren’t actively providing travel cover, we understand the difficulties in finding cover if you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions. This could be in the form of a higher premium or even a full exclusion for your condition.

All is not lost however, and we are pleased to be able to point you in the direction of the Money and Pensions Service.

They may be able to help via their Travel Directory which can be found at the following external link: Money Advice Service Travel Directory.

Alternatively, they can be reached by phone by calling 0800 138 777 (Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm).

Insure Classic, Vintage & Veteran Cars

We have access to a number of specialist insurers and providers for veteran, vintage and classic vehicles:

  • Veteran Cars (pre 1910)
  • Vintage Cars (1910 to 1950)
  • Classic Cars (1950 to 1970)
  • Modern Classic Cars (1970 to 1990)
  • Future Classic Cars (post 1990)

Generally insured on a named driver, agreed value and limited mileage basis, premiums can be very competitive.

Speak to our Private Client team for assistance.

What is GAP Insurance?

Are you looking to buy a new or nearly new vehicle?

Everyone knows when you buy a new vehicle you lose money from the second you leave the forecourt.

Unfortunately the amount owed under any finance agreement does not fall quite as fast.

So, should you have an accident and your vehicle be written off, most insurers will only pay-out the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident, known as the current ‘market value’.

This will be less than you paid for the vehicle and, invariably, less than the outstanding balance on your finance.

Standard GAP Insurance covers this shortfall.

For example:

Your Vehicle cost – £20,000

Deposit – £1,000

18 months later…..

Insurance settlement after write off – £12,000

However outstanding amount left to pay on your finance – £14,500

Shortfall left to pay – £2,500

Standard GAP INSURANCE will pay this £2,500

However, as well as having to pay for the shortfall, you will also need to be looking for a new car!

Return to Invoice GAP Insurance pays the difference between the purchase price and the insurer’s settlement, or if greater the amount required to settle any finance.

For example:

Your Vehicle cost – £23,000

24 months later…..

Insurance settlement after write off – £16,000

Return to Invoice GAP INSURANCE will pay the difference of £7,000 to return the full value of your vehicle.

For more claims examples, please visit our blog article by clicking here.

Am I eligible?

For more information and to see if you are eligible for GAP Insurance, please contact:

Gary B Baxter Dip CII

Corporate Account Manager
Direct Dial: 01253 598957
Mobile: 07904 546274
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Dont get caught out, call us today on 01253 594211!

Our premiums are often much more competitive than those offered by garages.

High Net Worth Individuals

Specialist household insurance policies have been created to provide cover for people with high value homes and contents.

Known as mid or high-net-worth policies, mid-net-worth policies tend to apply where general contents is estimated to be between £50,000 and £125,000, whereas as high-net-worth would have contents sums insured above £125,000.

Policies provide extremely wide cover, generally warranty-free, and a service which has been designed to suit the lifestyle, providing a level of cover which cannot be found on a standard insurance policy.

Policies can accommodate high levels of jewellery and personal effects, usually on a world-wide full all risks basis.

The level of service is exemplified by experienced claims teams who are dedicated to resolving your claims quickly, professionally and without fuss. Crucially they are able to offer flexibility as to how you want your claim to be settled, including the option to have a personal jeweller recreate a piece of lost jewellery

Rowlands & Hames has access to a range of mid and high net worth insurers – ask for a quotation from our Private Clients team.


Underinsurance can be a large problem for High Net Worth Household individuals due to many factors.

Aviva Insurance have produced the following guide into the perils of underinsurance and how you can avoid it:

Click here to read the guide

We have also produced the following guidance to help ensure that your contents are correctly accounted for:

Private Clients Contents Appraisal Guide

Holidays & 2nd Homes (UK)

Bespoke policies are available for second homes or holiday homes which factor in regular periods of unoccupancy or rental of homes to holidaymakers.

Speak to our commercial team to discuss your particular requirements.

Boat Insurance – including Yachts, Small-Craft & Inland Vessels

We have chosen to refer you to a website owned and operated by Navigators & General, a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group, who are specialists in all types of boat insurance, from motor boats to yachts, small-craft and inland vessels.

Navigators & General has been at the forefront of pleasure craft insurance for over 80 years and believes in offering the right insurance to its customers is about more than comparing premiums and cover. It appreciates the differing needs of boat owners.

Navigators & General is able to provide insurance cover for all types of leisure craft, ranging from dinghies to vessels with values up to £10 million.

Navigators & General Insurance Company Ltd. is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 202268.

Please be aware that responsibility under Financial Conduct Authority regulations will therefore be assumed directly by Navigators & General if you purchase insurance from them.

Visit Navigator and General’s Site For More Information

Landlords Insurance

From a single buy-to-let property to a significant residential property portfolio, Rowlands & Hames Insurance Brokers will arrange the appropriate cover at the right price.

Whether individual policies are required per property or a block policy would be preferred to keep administration easy, we provide comprehensive insurance solutions.

With cover being paramount, we only offer policies from well-rated and respected insurers. We will seek quotations from a range of UK based insurers who continually demonstrate a consistently good claims service with flexible underwriting.

Where a portfolio of properties is to be insured, rather than arrange via individual policies, clients often prefer a single block policy with the one renewal date where you would tend to benefit from economies of scale premium wise and easier administration.

Speak to our commercial team to discuss your particular requirements.