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Working from Home Insurance – Office & Liability for Home Workers

Many modern professionals or small business owners now work and operate from home, many being self-employed, with a need for the specific insurance.

A typical comprehensive working from home – home-office insurance policy will be able to provide:

  • Home-office contents (including the personal effects of employees or visitors)
  • Computers permanently in the home-office
  • Portable computers used in and out of the home-office
  • Reconstitution of data used in your home-office
  • Business money in or in transit to/from your home-office and associated personal assault
  • Glass throughout your home-office
  • Loss of Rent payable to the owner of the home-office’s premises
  • Damage by theft to the home-office’s buildings
  • Loss of Income directly attributable to damage at your home-office
  • Employers’ Liability if required by the Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance Act
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity

Please note it is important that any working from home – home-office business advises its Household Buildings and Contents insurer(s) that they are working from home – typically insurers will exclude any aspect relating to the business operation, hence the need for basic and more advanced working from home office-at-home insurance.

Premiums start from just a few hundred pound upwards and tend to be very competitive.

You may choose the particular sections of cover that you require for your particular circumstances.

Premiums may often be paid by installments, some insurers offering interest free.

Please contact the following member of staff who will be delighted to discuss your insurance requirements:


Liz Kelly

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