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Houses & Homes

We have access to a wide range of standard and mid and high net worth contracts to suit all requirements.

Individual requirements are discussed in detail and our team will provide bespoke recommendations.

We can also accommodate the more unusual of risks such as listed buildings, subsidence affected properties, high value individuals.

Speak to our Private Clients Team for assistance.

High Net Worth Individuals

Specialist household insurance policies have been created to provide cover for people with high value homes and contents.

Known as mid or high-net-worth policies, mid-net-worth policies tend to apply where general contents is estimated to be between £50,000 and £125,000, whereas as high-net-worth would have contents sums insured above £125,000.

Policies provide extremely wide cover, generally warranty-free, and a service which has been designed to suit the lifestyle, providing a level of cover which cannot be found on a standard insurance policy.

Policies can accommodate high levels of jewellery and personal effects, usually on a world-wide full all risks basis.

The level of service is exemplified by experienced claims teams who are dedicated to resolving your claims quickly, professionally and without fuss. Crucially they are able to offer flexibility as to how you want your claim to be settled, including the option to have a personal jeweller recreate a piece of lost jewellery

Rowlands & Hames has access to a range of mid and high net worth insurers – ask for a quotation from our Private Clients team.


Underinsurance can be a large problem for High Net Worth Household individuals due to many factors.

Aviva Insurance have produced the following guide into the perils of underinsurance and how you can avoid it:

Click here to read the guide

We have also produced the following guidance to help ensure that your contents are correctly accounted for:

Private Clients Contents Appraisal Guide

Holidays & 2nd Homes – UK & Abroad

Bespoke policies are available for second homes or holiday homes which factor in regular periods of unoccupancy or rental of homes to holidaymakers.

Speak to our commercial team to discuss your particular requirements.

Household Insurance

Home insurance policies are designed to insure your residential dwelling’s buildings, general contents, jewellery and other personal effects, plus associated cover for money, frozen food, and liability insurance etc.

Rowlands & Hames has access to a wide range of insurers, each offering policies to suit all levels of sum insured and circumstances.

We will also handle any claims on your behalf, avoiding the need for you to go through computerised or foreign-based call centres.

Speak to our Private Clients Team for a quotation and to discuss your needs