Landlords Insurance

Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Landlords Insurance

From a single buy-to-let property to a significant residential property portfolio, Rowlands & Hames Insurance Brokers will arrange the appropriate cover at the right price.

Whether individual policies are required per property or a block policy would be preferred to keep administration easy, we provide comprehensive insurance solutions.

With cover being paramount, we only offer policies from well-rated and respected insurers. We will seek quotations from a range of UK based insurers who continually demonstrate a consistently good claims service with flexible underwriting.

Where a portfolio of properties is to be insured, rather than arrange via individual policies, clients often prefer a single block policy with the one renewal date where you would tend to benefit from economies of scale premium wise and easier administration.

Speak to our commercial team to discuss your particular requirements.

Land Owners Liability Insurance

Land owners liability insurance is relevant where you just own land, without a building on site and you need to protect yourself against legal liability for any damages sought after an accident or injury to a third party.

Such cover is often required for:

  • Sites pending building development
  • Brownfield sites following demolition
  • Grazing, moorland and woodland
  • Private / residents roads
  • Rough country
  • Undeveloped pasture

Standard Land Owners Liability Cover tends to start at £1m.

Particular care should be taken with land where there are public rights of way, in close proximity to housing estates (due to the inherent danger of children accessing the site), and any land with ponds/lakes, streams, rivers and other water-courses.