Assistance to Financial Planners

Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Assistance to Financial Planners

Many IFAs and Mortgage Consultants become trusted friends and business consultants to their clients.

Rowlands & Hames recognise this opportunity and invite Financial Planners and Mortgage Consultant to become an introducer of general insurance business, generating additional income for yourselves.

Many clients for example will own property investments that will be insured. This is a good example of where we are well placed to provide alternative quotations, with you as the introducer benefiting from a considerable portion of our own earnings.

This annually renewable introducer’s fee can often build-up to a sizeable additional income stream for Financial planners and Mortgage Advisers.

Why not contact us to discuss our arrangements?

Please be assured that we ‘ring-fence’ any introduced clients and will only work via the introducer, any subsequent general business also being attached to the introducer. Further, our own Financial planning division has no access and introduced clients will not be approached.

Example insurances:

  • Property Owners/Investors
  • Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Pubs etc
  • Manufacturing, Industry
  • Distribution, Professional
  • Care Homes
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Fleets
  • Property & Liabilities
  • Credit Insurance

Examples of where we have been able to assist:

  • An Independent Financial Adviser has referred several property owning clients to Rowlands & Hames and now benefits from a regular commission income.
  • A Mortgage Broker has benefited from commission income derived from cover that Rowlands & Hames arranged for his corporate clients.
  • A successful growing internet/software provider was the subject of a referral from an I.F.A. and the introducer has worked with Rowlands & Hames in providing all aspects of cover for the client. The IFA provides protection cover whilst Rowlands & Hames dealt solely with the general insurance requirements of the client.