What is claimed on Latent Defects Insurance?

Latent Defects Claims Examples

The following list and images is not exhaustive but provides examples of the types of defects claimed under Structural Defects policy:
• Defectively designed floor slabs allowing movement and consequent damage to floors and walls
• Omission of wind posts allowing damage to the walls
• Subsidence causing damage to the walls
• Defective cladding allowing water to penetrate
• Failure of basement tanking allowing water to penetrate
• Defective roofing allowing water to penetrate
• Failure to rain screen allowing water to penetrate
• Poorly fitting windows allowing water to penetrate
• Water ingress damage – Rowlands and Hames Insurance cover against water ingress
• Insure against defective membrane with Rowlands and Hames Insurance cover for defective foundations – Rowlands and Hames
• Defective flooring insurance cover Car park construction insurance cover – Rowlands and Hames
• Defective roof fixing bolts Insurance cover for defective floor supports
• Construction insurance cover by Rowlands and Hames Building insurance Rowlands and Hames

Latent Defects Insurance Quotations

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