Post Covid – The ‘New Normal’ – Are you up to date?

Updating Your Insurances to the Post Lockdown World

This week we are focusing on returning to ‘normal’, post Covid, and the challenges that you will face.


Bringing your insurances up to date

Many companies adjusted their insurances temporarily to reflect their trading conditions at the time – it is now time to re-adjust for the ‘new normal’. If you have not already made adjustments to reflect new sums insured e.g. stock, increased gross profits and turnovers, wage estimates etc – please be in touch.

Other issues to be mindful of:

  • if you do not have Cyber & Social Engineering Insurance – watch out! Attacks have risen dramatically
  • have you expanded your business activities – for example, started exporting, let us know
  • has your business structure changed – are there any new directors?
  • have you purchased any new machinery to take advantage of the new 1.3 times capital allowances?
  • have you undertaken a review of your H&S policies etc?
  • is your 3-5 yearly fixed wiring electrical still in force? We have found several firms forgot to arrange re-inspection which places their cover at risk.


Health & Safety & Practical Measures

We would like to thank Allianz for their guides and videos on the various scenarios that may be of interest to you. They are sector specific…

1) Restarting your business guidance – a step by step guide

  • Planning Ahead
  • Restarting your Business
  • Your People
  • Your Machinery

2) Things to consider

3) Testing & vaccinations

4) Re-starting outside spaces

4) UK Government – working safely during Coronavirus

5) Preferred Suppliers – PPE / Signage

Visit COVID-19: Re-starting your business ( for more information

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Post Covid – The ‘New Normal’ – Are you up to date?