Prevention of Motor Certificate Theft

Have you fallen victim to motor certificate theft?

The increase in sensitive data being displayed in the public domain is leading to an increase in the number of companies falling victim to this.

Uploading Motor Certificates

A number of companies have now started uploading details of their motor insurance, or indeed their motor insurance certificate itself, to their websites. Fraudsters however love this and often target companies that do it as it gives them all the information they need to appear to be legitimately insured.

Companies that upload details are often doing so as they want to appear professional and be clear with their customers that they take legal requirements such as insurance seriously.

However many aren’t aware of how hazardous this is and how significant the consequences can be.

How to move forward?

Unsurprisingly, we would recommend the removal of all motor certificate information from the public domain, along with any other documentation which could leave to identity theft.

Another reason for uploading these documents is so staff members can access it when necessary via the web. This should be amended to be on an intranet or private network instead.

Further information

If you have any concerns about motor certificate theft, please don’t hesitate to contact Rowlands & Hames.

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