Introducing our Claims Manager Colin Foster

The biggest change in insurance for a hundred years occurred with the introduction of the Insurance Act 2015 last year. This new act brought legislation up to date to make it more consistent for policyholders.

An amendment to the Act is now being introduced via the Enterprise Act 2016.

This amendment gives policyholders the right to claim compensation from an Insurer if they believe they have suffered financial loss due to the insurer failing to pay a claim in a ‘reasonable time’. This applies to claims on all policies written, renewed or amended from 4 May 2017, but not to claims arising before this date.

At Rowlands & Hames getting claims paid / sorted promptly and efficiently is an important part of how we always try to treat our customers fairly. We believe we already handle claims fairly, accurately and promptly in line with our regulatory responsibilities and in accordance with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines, however to further enhance our service we are pleased to announce the arrival of Colin Foster as our dedicated claims manager.

Colin has numerous years experience throughout the insurance industry and has dealt with claims at every level.

Hopefully you won’t ever have to speak to Colin, but if you do we have no doubt that your claim will be handled in the manner you would hope for.

If you need to speak to Colin about an incident, he can be reached on 01253 598976.

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Colin Foster, Claims Manager, Rowlands & Hames Insurance Broker