Computer Insurance

Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Computer Insurance

Computer equipment and software is vitally important to the successful running of almost every business operating today and therefore computer insurance should be considered. Computer equipment and software are very vulnerable to disasters that can seriously threaten the financial livelihood of a business.

Computer insurance provides peace of mind that your computer equipment, from high value servers to laptops, will be protected through a comprehensive insurance and loss prevention programme.

We can arrange cover for almost all business types and almost any type of computerised equipment.

The four core covers available are:

  • Material damage – provides ‘all risks’ of loss or damage to your equipment on a ‘reinstatement’ basis
  • Reinstatement of data – provides cover for the cost incurred in reinstating lost data following damage
  • Increased costs of working – provides cover against additional expenditure incurred to prevent interruption to your business following damage
  • Computer breakdown – provides cover for damage arising from breakdown (unless recoverable under a maintenance or guarantee agreement)

Our preferred carriers provide numerous benefits including:

  • Full theft cover (i.e. without the need for forcible and/or violent entry/exit)
  • No alarm, security or virus protection warranties
  • Worldwide cover for portable equipment.