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Corporate & Commercial Insurance

Rowlands & Hames Insurance Brokers Limited provides corporate and commercial insurance solutions to SMEs through to PLCs in all main professional and industry sectors across the UK.

Our business is built on long-term personal relationships, developing an understanding of each client’s and sector’s demands and needs. We are Chartered Insurance Brokers, one of less than 100 such firms accredited within the UK with this status. We are also members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).

Clients may wish to restrict their insurance programme to the basic property and liability insurances generally required to trade, although most will develop their programme to incorporate more specialist insurance protection to cater for the specific exposures they face. We have highlighted some of the areas that may be of interest to you below, and full details of each specific policy type is available via the menu on the left.

To discuss your requirements and discuss our services, please initially contact one of the following:

Paul A R Willis

Telephone: 01253 598969

Tony Swallow

Telephone: 01253 598954

Gary B Baxter

Telephone: 01253 598957

John A Isles

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Areas for consideration:

Asset Insurance

Insurance for assets relates to buildings, stock, machinery and contents, through to money and cash, goods in transit, computers and machinery damage and the like.

Business Interruption

Whilst your buildings, machinery or stocks are being replaced following a major loss, your turnover may well cease or reduce significantly, which would normally have a significant impact on your profits for periods involved.

Insurance for revenue, gross profit, rent receivables is fairly standard.

Additional cover for increased cost of working plus more specialist extensions such as loss of income following denial of access, interruptions to research and development, damage at suppliers or customers premises – all this and many more extensions can be included.

Credit and Performance Bonds

Protection against bad debt or insolvency of a supplier can also be arranged.

Liability / Employee Protection

We offer a range of liability insurances, many specialist, as well as products seeking to protect your employees’ activities.

From the basic Employers’, Public and Products Liability through to Environmental Liability, Airside and Aviation/Rail product Liability, product Recall, Product guarantee and Professional Indemnity, we can assist.

From the employee perspective we can protect companies by way of travel insurance, Kidnap & Ransom, and Personal Accident.


Crime insurance, historically referred to as Fidelity cover, which provides protection against internal and external fraud and against theft of assets by employees is becoming a standard form of cover, particularly when the economy is putting pressure on employees and third parties.

Modern forms of insurance such as Cyber and Internet/Email insurance has also been developed to pick-up modern technology exposures.


Directors (and senior managers) have never been as at risk from actions by other directors, shareholders, employees and other third parties, in their individual capacity, as they are today – Directors’ & Officers’ Liability caters for such exposures.

Companies themselves are at risk from allegations of wrong-doing by competitors, local authorities and government bodies, quangos, professional bodies etc. which is where Corporate (Entity) Liability comes in.

For the Employer, serious consideration should be given to Employment Practice Liability insurance providing cover against legal defence costs and any compensation payments awarded.

Corporate Event Insurance

With corporate hospitality events, special events, attendance at exhibitions (whether in the UK or abroad) or arrangement of foreign travel; companies may wish to consider Corporate Event Insurance.

Dependent on the companies needs, bespoke policies are available for public liability risks, additional employers, personal accident – even additional revenue exposures.

Engineering Insurance

Should damage be caused as a result of a plant’s nature and its machinery, cover falls under specialist Engineering Insurance; as opposed to property/material damage insurance which is arranged for the cover of fire and associated perils.


Whether it be a single company car or van, a couple of company vehicles or a very small fleet, to major company fleets are involved, we have access to the full range of general and specialist vehicle insurers including those fleet insurers only found in Lloyd’s of London.

We can guide you through the process , arrange the policy to suit your administrative needs, and handle all the Motor Insurance Database demands if required.

We will seek quotes from a range of insurers and provide you with feedback from them all, allowing you peace of mind.