Hairdressers & Beauticians

Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Hairdressers & Beauticians

Many insurers provide a bespoke ‘package’ type policy for hairdressers and beauticians, catering specifically for all their general insurance requirements.

Occupations accommodated range from the simple barbers (the least risk), full hairdressing salons, through to businesses offering various beauty treatments, plus of course any ‘mobile’ services.

A wide range of treatment risks can be accommodated – these are rated by treatment and the number of operatives permitted to provide the service. Many insurers are very selective as to acceptable treatments and it can be more appropriate to insure the treatments separately.

Care should also be taken where ‘chairs’ are rented to self-employed operatives. Care should always be taken to ensure such self-employed persons hold their own insurances so as to limit your exposure to ‘contingent’ only.

The main insurances included are:

  • Property Damage & Theft (Buildings, Glass, Contents, Stock etc.)
  • Computers (separate wide cover, some insurers)
  • Business Interruption
  • Loss of Premises License
  • Money on the premises, in safe, in transit
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Treatment Liability
  • Legal Expenses (some insurers)
  • Personal Accident (some insurers)

Rowlands & Hames have access to numerous insurers competing in this market.