Insurance Services for Solicitors’ Clients

Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Insurance Services for Solicitors’ Clients

Our teams are ready to assist Solicitors with:

  • Commercial Property
  • Residential Property
  • Company, Commercial & Dispute
  • Commercial Employment & Employee Benefits
  • Family, Domestic & Personal Assets

Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Single or portfolio risks arranged quickly including…
– Privity of Contract extension
– Failure of Tenants’ Buildings Insurance extension
– Automatic property acquisition extension

Unoccupied Commercial property

Wide cover, arranged without delay

Environmental Liability for Vendors/Purchasers or Developers

Increasingly required for all but the simplest of development sites

Latent (Structural) Defect 10/12 year transferable property guarantees for Developers

Don’t rely on Architects Certificates – increases future saleability and the banks’ appetite to lend

Residential Property

Residential Landlords – single or portfolio

Property, Revenue and Liability

Household Buildings

Often required for imminent transactions

Unoccupied Residential property

Short or long-term unoccupancy

Company, Commercial & Dispute

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability (D&O)

Ensure directors and senior managers of client firms are protected against allegations of ‘wrongful acts’ from the likes of government bodies and quangos, competitors, employees, creditors, fellow-shareholders, environment agency, etc.

Corporate Liability

Extend standard D&O to provide Entity protection for ‘wrongful acts’

Legal Expenses

Property Protection, Bodily Injury, Loss of Licence, Statutory Licence and Tax Investigation covers

Key-Person Protection

Protect the business against the illness/death of a major principal/employee

Shareholder Protection

Allow shareholders to purchase the equity stakes of fellow shareholders in the event of death

Trade Invoice Credit protection

Protect the balance sheet against debtors

Kidnap & Ransom

Protects client firms and employees operating in the more dangerous parts of the world

Marine insurance

Protect international trade shipments

Performance Bonds

Often chosen as an alternative to large cash deposits

Commercial/Corporate general insurance

We can, of course, arrange the full range of commercial and corporate programmes

Commercial Employment & Employee Benefits

Employment Practice Liability

Defence costs and compensation awards for employment disputes and tribunals – more importantly allows you, their own solicitor, to act in their defence on behalf of client firms

Group Health, Permanent Health/Income Protection and Life Assurance

Provision of employment benefits

Family, Domestic & Personal Assets

Mid & High Net Worth Household Insurance including Legal Expenses

Catering for the larger houses, their contents and the valuables and personal possessions of your clients

Yachts and Marine Vessels

For those clients with leisure craft here or abroad

Life Assurance & Life Assurance in Trust

Life Assurance in all its forms – Term Assurance, Inheritance Tax 2nd Death, Mortgage Protection

Critical Illness

Many fatal diseases are now survivable but financial assistance at such a time often helps relieve the pressure

Health Insurance

For when reliance on the NHS may not be the best option for certain clients

Property insurance (including unoccupied) during probate

Arranged quickly without fuss

For Solicitors’ Own Protection

Professional Indemnity

Protect your business with comprehensive but competitive professional indemnity insurance to defend any professional negligence claims, catering for all your professional activities. Professional Indemnity insurance premiums continue to fall. Are you benefiting?

Office Buildings / Contents, Revenue & Liabilities:

Insurance for your office(s) buildings and/or contents, revenue protection, money, employers’ liability, public liability and products liability. Premiums have reduced significantly over the last few years – why not ask for a quote?

Business Cars / Fleet:

Ensure competitive coverage for your motor vehicles. Multi-vehicle policies for personally owned vehicles may also be catered for.

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability:

Protection against legal action for company directors and senior employees of limited companies and limited liability partnerships.

Commercial Legal Expenses / Employment Practice:

Cover for legal expenses as a result of employment disputes, bodily injury, property protection and tax investigations etc.


To discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation, please contact:

Gary B Baxter Dip CII

Corporate Account Manager
Direct Dial: 01253 598957
Mobile: 07904 546274