Pharmaceuticals and Life Science Insurance

Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Pharmaceuticals Insurance and Life Science Insurance

For Pharmaceuticals Insurance and Life Science Insurance, Rowlands & Hames have access to those insurers with experience and appetite in these sectors, with cover to satisfy the constantly changing needs of these clients.

What do we mean by Life Sciences?

Biotechnology – through the use of bio-science and technology, these companies develop and supply products and services, having a therapeutic benefit for use in medical, pharmaceutical and other process technologies.

Medial Device and Equipment – including diagnostic, imaging, monitoring, therapeutic, surgical implants and prostheses. Also including testing, processing, research and clinical laboratory equipment and software.


Product Development Organisations – including Contract Research Organisations (CRO), Site Management Organisations (SMO) and Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO)

Neutraceuticals – including minerals, herbal and other medical foods and products that have a therapeutic benefit.

Veterinary Products – intended for the medical treatment of animals.

Key Exposures

  • R&D expenses, income coverage and committed costs
  • Clean Rooms/Controlled Environments
  • Contamination Coverage
  • Failure to Perform/Efficacy
  • Multinational Exposures
  • Clinical Trials (including Global if required)
  • Supply Chain Dependency
  • Punitive Costs for the USA & Canada
  • Undamaged Stock extension
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Products Liability


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