Star Ship Insurance

Insurance from Rowlands & Hames.

Insure your spaceship

Space… the final frontier….

Your ship is filled with fuel, your crew is ready, your course is set… but what about your insurance?

Space is a vast region filled with tremendous risk be it rogue asteroids, enemy fighters, incompetent crew, or worse giant Death Stars.

Make sure you have the right cover before you travel!

Rowlands & Hames can work with experts in the field of space insurance, when we aren’t relaxing at a certain Cantena on Mos Eisley, and will endeavour to source you the most comprehensive policy available.

Covers can include:

– Asteroid hits
– Enemy attacks
– Sarlacc encounters
– Bounty Hunter protection
– Carbonite freezing reversal
– Theropy following ghost sightings

Why not give R&H a try today!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!