Private Medical Insurance – How long will you wait to see a specialist?

The NHS now has more than 4.6 million people on waiting-lists for surgery and 300,000 people have been on hold for more than 12 months. *

We are all proud of the NHS, especially after the fantastic vaccine roll-out, and whilst it continues to provide the majority of healthcare to the nation particularly emergency and critical care, everyone is aware the NHS is under significant strain given the historic lack of funding, increased life-expectancy, the costs of new conditions and new treatments and of course the continuing effects of Covid.

Significant delays in treatment are therefore inevitable – Businesses are concerned about the impact such treatment delays may have on their employees and their business operations, whereas individuals and their families are concerned about the standard and speed of care.

Both employers and individuals are increasingly looking to be able to bypass lengthy NHS waiting times and obtain private medical insurance.

The NHS will always be there to respond to accidents and emergencies; however, families and firms increasingly recognise the benefits of private health insurance in its ability to provide treatment quickly and in suitable locations, usually in private rooms. Furthermore, private health insurers also offer access to some drugs and treatments not yet approved for use in the NHS – particularly important if cancer is involved.

In recent times, most private health insurers also provide access to a virtual GP service including private video consultations, which avoids lengthy waits for a GP appointment.

Premiums & Quotations – Can we provide a no-obligation quotation?

Premiums are more affordable than you may think, and we can source a range of quotations from a range of providers designed to meet your needs and budgets. Spouse / partners and family members can also be included. Premiums are usually paid monthly. Why not seek a no obligation quotation for your firm, your family or just for yourself?

Premium Examples

Company Schemes

  • 40 year old – within a 5 member scheme – £74.56 per month
  • 40 year old – within a 37 member scheme – £22.56 per month
  • Couples / partners are rated x 2; families including children are charged 2.5x; sole parent with child charged 1.5x

Individual policy

  • 33 year old – sole member in own name – £95 per month

All premiums depend on age, post-code, occupation and existing medical history.

Existing Business Schemes

If you are a business which already has an existing scheme in force but have noticed that your costs have been rising we may be able to provide a more competitive alternative.

Additional Reading

*Thanks to The Lancet Oncology for your data.

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Private Medical Insurance – How long will you wait to see a specialist?